Harold Camping – should be treated like Osama

I know my titled can be looked at as a little harsh, but hear me out.

This man knew there was no end of the world coming. If he was certain there was an apocalypse on it’s way he would not have taken donations or peoples money. People need to understand that if there is a messiah, new savior, crack pot who’s right about the end of times they will not be taking your money from you. Why? Because they have no reason to take your money. Let us say the rapture did happen, what good is all that money going to do for you? In economies that are decimated how is having millions of dollars going to help you? Certainly the devil and God don’t charge you in US Currency to cross over.

So beyond hysteria and mockery what was Harrold Campings true accomplishment with this end of times bull shit he’s been spouting out?

And what does Harold Camping have to say about all this? He’s flabbergasted.

My final thought on this? I 100% believe that this man should be held accountable. He should be tried and put in prison. His assets should be seized and they should be used to give back to the people who where scammed. This man is no better than an e-mail scam artist of your average con artist. In fact, he is worse. He uses god and people blind faith to elicit money out of them.

This is also another reason why people who have blind faith need to take a class in common sense. Have all the faith in god you want, believe what you want but understand that there are people out there who will take advantage of you. Understand that your blind faith is a target and will be used against you.

“Think for yourself, question authority”


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