Happy Saturday, time to take Jake to the ER!

Last night all the kids had a slumber party in Kodi’s room and everything went swimmingly. Kodi, Jake and Saidey made a fort on the floor and cuddled and played. Our friend Brittany and her son Dante came over and hung out and ended up spending the night. The plan was to get up in the morning, make waffles, play music, clean and go to the park.

This did not happen.

Well, waffles where made, but the rest of the plans fell away.

Jakob woke up not feeling well. I gave him waffles, he are a bite or two them told me “Dad, I’ve been throwing up.”

Those who know Jake know this is a huge red flag. Throeing up means low blood sugar, and low blood sugar means a trip tot he hospital.

I get the blood sugar kit of awesome (I find things with the words ‘of awesome’ after them to be less threatening. Like if a doctor said “OK, sadly we need to perform an amoutation of awesome on your leg” you would feel a little more comfortable knowing is was awesome and now lame.) And checked his blood sugar level.

Of course the one I grabbed wasn’t working right and I found the out after I looked him unsuccessfully 3 times.

We finally got it and it was at 34. Dangerously low.

Kaylie called the ambulance and we where off to Mary Bridge in Tacoma because Harrison in Silverdale always messes up and doednlt know how to care for Jakob. 

So now here we sit, in the ER after we pumped him full of sugar and got him up to 215 (about 100 higher than it should be) and we wait. We will probably be admitted for the night.

The joys of having child with medical issues.

And now, a picture of Jake.


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