Happy MLKjr Day!

Normally I do a special MLKjr Day strip each year…this years is a little different. Since I’ve put him IN the comic as a Zombie This whole week is dedicated to him. Friday’s comic will be the one I WANTED to post today. That is until I thought about it and the fact that it would not make ANY sense without the other 4 that are posting this week.

That’s right, I’m posting 5 comics this week, thanks to talks with Frumph. I’m going to attempt to post 5 comics each week. I GUARANTEE there will be comics on Mon-Wed-Fri but I will do my BEST to get the extra 2 comics a week to make a total of 5.

y2cl is moving to the next level. MOVING ON UP, TO THE EAST SIDE. 2009 is the year for y2cl. as I mentioned in a previous post there will be A LOT of great things happening this year for y2cl! Stay tuned as I have a big announcement coming in my next blog post.

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