Underage Propositions 11

a few minutes ago, i had this converstation

lizzybizzy20012002: hey
xjhorsley3x: hello
lizzybizzy20012002: what part of bremerton do u live in??
xjhorsley3x: on seabeck hwy
xjhorsley3x: but not out in seabeck
lizzybizzy20012002: u single??
xjhorsley3x: yes
lizzybizzy20012002: what is ya name
xjhorsley3x: J
lizzybizzy20012002: real name plz
xjhorsley3x: that is my real name
lizzybizzy20012002: fa real
xjhorsley3x: yup
lizzybizzy20012002: my cuz goes by j but his name is jordan
xjhorsley3x: cool
lizzybizzy20012002: would u be intrested in fucking tonight…..no strings attached
xjhorsley3x: how old are you?
lizzybizzy20012002: younger
xjhorsley3x: if your under 18, sorry cant do it
lizzybizzy20012002: y
lizzybizzy20012002: not like im gonna tell anyone
lizzybizzy20012002: and my sisters are sleep. my stepdad is out to sea, my mom is at work and im horny as hell
xjhorsley3x: sorry your horny, but i cant help you, im nearly 22, your 14, sorry
lizzybizzy20012002: what eva
lizzybizzy20012002: ive had sex wit older
xjhorsley3x: im sure you have, but not with me

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