Gyarrrrrrr….. with a capital g 5

So this lawer buys a box of cigars and insures them for $5,000.
Then he smokes them.
He then turns in a claim to his insurence company, saying they where consumed by fire.
Seeing no way around the claim, due to how it was carefully worded, the insurence company pays the man his $5,000.
When the lawyer goes to cash his $5,000 check the police are tehre waiting for him and arrest him for arson, for burning insured property.
In the court the judge rules in favor of the insurence company and the lawyer has to pay $15,000 in damages.
I hope those where some damn fine cigars.

True story too by the way.

In addition to this, ive been sleeping like shit. Ugg.
Oh and Nick is back in town. This makes everyone ubar happy.
Im so happy I think i pee’d a little.

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