Guess who is moving in seven days…

Guess who is moving in seven days. If you said ME then you are absolutely right! This will be exciting. I wont have to put shoes on to take a shit and I will have blazing fast internet. I went and saw the house today and with Jeff and it’s pretty nice, not super big but surely big enough for us as a strapping new couple…. I mean couple of completely straight studs on the prowl for…what the hells that thing called? Oh yeah vagina, on the prowl for vagina. Considering the place I live at now has only seen action twice, I’m not holding out to much for this new place to be any better.

One of the things I get to do for this house is network it. Since I am bringing in three computers (unless I can sell one *hint*) plus a laptop and Jeff is bringing in one and we want them all online and hopefully on a network where they can share files back and forth. And by back and forth I mean so I can share files on my computers. This shouldn’t be to hard to do since I have done it several times before, but whenever something like that is said it immediately becomes an insanely complicated task for some reason. It’s like this problem I am having with my sisters network, her wireless router has stopped working. It will no longer route the internet wirelessly or hard wired, I get the feeling it’s just broken. The router it self has always been a piece of shit and given us problems, but the hard-wired portion always worked up until now. Calvin has a spare 4 port hub I’m going to try out over there to see if I can get it to work. I’m not looking forward to the headache that this will be, but it has to be done.


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