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you know what really annoys me. when people get into this anime/manga is the greatest thing ever mindset. dont get me wrong, i have a lot of respect for anime/manga artists and writers out there. well, most of them. the real ones at least. but it really pisses me off when you meet people who REFUSE to read/watch/draw anything that isnt anime or manga. yes, there is a lot of good anime/manga out there, but there is also a lot of really shitty anime/manga.

open your eyes fuck tards, anime/manga isnt the only thing good in the world. in fact, there is ALOT of great non anime/manga stuff out there. there are ALOT of artist out there, and writters, who dont do that style, but are equaly as entertaining, involved, zaney, imaginative and amazing.

i get asked alot to look at peoples art and tell then what i think of it, which i have absolutely no problem doing what so ever, in fact i really enjoy it. but as an oc art teacher of mine said to me once, when you open someone sketch book, and the first thing you see is a manga type drawing, it really makes you cringe. you cringe because 95% of the time, that is all you will find in the book. very basic, yet visualy apleasing manga drawings.

i myself dip into the style a little bit, but i dont sit entierly in it. im of the opinion one should grasp what they can from all styles and never nail yourself down to one. but it just really erks me to see someone who has great potential stuck drawing pictures of Super Sayin Vegeta or whater the fuck his retarted name is.

in short, i like anime/manga, but i dislikes its uber fan boys and girls that cant look outside of it and think anything that isnt japanese is shit.

ps, in case you think im a japanese culture hater or something, im quit the oposite, i love the japanese culture very much, and plan to visit if not move there for awhile sometime.

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