Green Lantern – An awesome movie, despite what the critics say

I find it interesting that when X-Men: First Class came out it was getting praised for bringing in $54 million on it’s opening weekend, comparing it to the $54 million the original X-Men brought in on it’s opening weekend back in 2000, and how Green Lantern is getting completely the opposite spin put on it with it’s $53 million opening weekend. Am I completely blind in something here? Is $53 million not very close to $54 million? Why is this getting such different reviews and response from the movie going audience?

Why? Because it has been a bad rap ever since the Jack Black incarnation hit the interwebs back in 2004. Apparently no one in the comic book movie world has ever thought this movie would do any good, let alone BE any good.

I went and saw it with my wife, my dad and all my kids on fathers day and you know what I thought at the end of the movie? I thought it was awesome. It wasn’t to long and drawn out, the special effects where awesome, it had a good amount of humor in it and Ryan Reynolds is still hot as the sun.

Did it move kind of fast at some points? Sure it did. Was this really a story of Green Lantern versus Paralax or a story introducing us to characters and building up the importance of the Green Lantern Corps? It was defiantly the latter. The villains where there in Hector Hammond and Paralax, but I think what most people are missing is that is not what this movie was about. I think they did an excellent job of showing you these other worldly characters in a fun and inviting way to pretty much introduce us into what could be seen by the mainstream audience as ‘to complicated’ for a movie to work.

The one thing people really need to let go of is these comic book movies being exactly like the books. None of them are, and none of them ever will be. I approach every movie as a blank slate and treat it as one. Does it entertain me? Does it make me laugh? Can I follow the story? For Green Lantern the answer to all of these is yes.

The thing I want to point out that a lot of people reviewing this movie are missing is that my wife, who has never read a Green Lantern comic or really even knew who he was prior to Ryan Reynolds casting and my fan boying over it, was able to follow the story line and the Corps idea without fail. Something anyone who has ever read a Green Lantern comic would tell you is not the easiest thing to do (in the comics that is).

I think they portrayed Sinestro very well. Mark Strong did amazing and showing him as the good guy but giving his doubts in the Corps and his inevitable turn to the Sinestro Corps. Ryan Reynolds was perfect for Hal Jordon, I really don’t care if you think differently. I love him as an actor and he always manages to surprise me. Blake Lively did great as Star Saphie Carol Ferris. Tomar-Re and Kilowog where great. Geoffrey Rush and Michael Clark Duncon where amazing in their respective roles. Granted they where just voice overs, but I loved it. I love the voice Duncon is capable of and it fit Kilowog perfectly. Rush’s Tomar-Re reminded me a lot of Abe Sabien form Hellboy for some reason, though I still felt it fit.

I honestly think people are holding the DC movies to such a high standard they can never meet the expectations people want. the public loves to hate DC. “Oh yeah? Well why did Batman do so well!” Why? Because it’s fucking Batman and nothing can stop him. Even Batman & Robin grossed $238 million. Remember The Dark Knight also had Heath Ledger as the Joker, and he has just died causing more people to go see it. Yes he did an amazing job, but if you like things to match up to the comics Christopher Nolan‘s Batman series is so far from the Batman mythology you can hardly connect the two beyond the names. I do love both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but the point needed to be made.

So seriously people, do not listen to what any fuckwad reviewer has to say, make your own judgments. Remember, Star Wars and the Donner Superman were rated one of the worst movies ever when it came out and it seemed to do OK. See it in theaters, it’s worth it.

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