Furry Animal UPDATE!

Well now, we here at FAM are getting blasted with hits every day. This makes me and my cohort Mike feel loved like no other! I’m sure by now all of you lovely people stopping buy have notice this comic only updates twice a month…This is a tragedy. I think FAM deserves MORE updates MORE often! What say you! Speak up! Let your voices be heard!

With that I would like to announce that starting Jan first FAM will OFFICIALLY be updating is update schedule to WEEKLY! That’s right folks! This means that now every THURSDAY morning you will get a PIPING HOT Furry Animal Magic comic for your Furry Animal Needs! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

I would also like to announce that there will be new awesome-tastic additions to this site soon. Oh yes, and there will be boobies. Lots and lots of boobies. Some vaginas and maybe a penis or three. You never know!

So sit back, relax and enjoy the new year with a new FAM every Thursday morning with your cup of coffee (which I will assume comes with a complementary donut and shot of whiskey with it)

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