Fun with an Aim Sex-Bot on ma’ birfday


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We have all had it happen, you can on AIM and you get a random message from someone. they want to ask you about your life, see how it’s going and then BAM! They try to get you to watch them strip and masturbate! I had a conversation with someone like this today, and for your reeding pleasure I present to you “Fun with an Aim Sex-Bot on ma’ Birfday”

blackanblue182: hii
me: hi
blackanblue182: what’s up???
me: not much
blackanblue182: i just finished working out a lil bit ago what are you up to?
me: at work
blackanblue182: nice i just started working from home since i’m still in college you doin anything tonite?
me: my wife
blackanblue182: oh well cool i been doing these cam shows and actually i might even have a free invite still from when i started wanna come keep me company for a lil bit
me: I like turtles.
blackanblue182: yay!!! i do its still up and valid i just need you to give me a good rating so i can get more but i’ll earn it
me: only if you send me $1,000 in pennies.
blackanblue182: alright my cam is wired through a chat network to keep away these annoying little aim kids so don’t worry if you dont have have a cam or yours doesn’t work ok?
me: seriously? I want my $1,000 in pennies bitch or I will cut you.
blackanblue182: ok hunny this is going to be just me and you just go to and make sure you accept the free invite on the side there k?
blackanblue182: aight then you just need to make a username with your info and stuff and you do need a credit card to verify your age but you will NOT get charged you see where it says that?
me: I will only make an account if you send me the necronomicon wrapped in seaweed
blackanblue182: k when just let me know when you get your username and password and then you can start telling me what you want me to do i’ll warn you though you might wanna turn down the speakers cuz i can get kinda loud sometimes
me: I have no idea what you are talking about. Are you a unicorn?
blackanblue182: i can’t wait this is gonna be fun i’ve been so bored since i got back from the gym earlier and no one was online are you ready yet?
me: I was born ready, let’s kill ourselves some deadites! Woman, hand me ma’ BOOMSTICK!
blackanblue182: well just let me know whenever you are so we can get this party started babe
Sent at 10:21 AM on Tuesday
me: the last person who called me ‘babe’ I gutted like I gut fish…horribly with a dull knife cause I’m not very good at gutting fish.
Sent at 10:23 AM on Tuesday

I hope you enjoyed today’s Aim-Bot theater.

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