Insomniac Rambles 1

so every morning at 5am my art computer runs norton. and i really dont like it when i am awake when it starts. doesnt matter if i am up to it, or waking up at it, i just think every human being should be asleep at 5am, unless they are pissing, shitting, or fucking.

so i was tired all day yesterday, and i fell asleep at 10pm, i thought great, i will get alot of sleep, cause i have a lot of shit to do tomorrow. so what do i do? i wake up at mid-fucki-night, and havnt been able to fall back aasleep yet. oh im tired, i just cant sleep.

i REALLY fucking hate not being able to sleep, just about as much as i hate wakin gup 42 times a night. this is the reason i usualy go to bed around 5am-6am every night, cause by then i am so fucking drained of energy, i just pass out.

so now it is 4am, and i am tired as shit, but i cant fall asleep.

on a different note, i have had the need to take a big shit for the last 2 days, but nothing wants to come out. its starting to scare me, cause i know when i go, its gonna be like niagra falls out of my ass.

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