Frumph.NET’s Great Holiday Hunt!!

Check this out:’s Great Holiday Hunt!

I’ll copy paste the information from the blog, but Y2CL is donating a signed book!

This holiday’s season we’re introducing a new Event, it’s called the “Great Holiday Hunt”

How this event works is, on a particular weekend in December that we announce the hunt will start, various websites and webcomics that are listed on Frumph.NET will have IN their Blog portions a Clue Word.

The way to win:
Search all the sites on Frumph.NET for clues. Clues will be in the author’s blog posts for that weekend. Find all the clue words and organize the phrase correctly and win!

Sponsored gifts to the winner(s) of the Great Holiday Hunt:

1977 the Comic – A T-shirt.
Johnny Saturn – Art
Marooned – Artist’s Card
Stoopidtz – Art
Y2CL – Signed Book
FAM – Original Artwork from Mike and J

– Phil (Frumph)

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