Fr**d*m *f Sp**ch – It’s not what it used to be. 2

Molly Norris…

If  you have not hear that name yet, then maybe you should Google it. And if you do Google it, you will come across this.

The idea was brilliant. Everyone drew the prophet Muhammad in response to Trey Parker and Matt Stone being put on a hit list for their South Park episode involving Muhammad in a bear suite. The idea was that if a lot of people did the same thing, then terrorists couldn’t kill them all.

Only Norris forgot one thing.


All this is to them is a challenge to kill more undeserving infidels in their never ending quest to do something or another. I’m not sure what, their message is never very clear.

Now don’t get me wrong I am COMPLETELY on Molly Norris’ side on this. I think her comic was funny, I do not think it crossed the line as she did not even draw Muhammad or even a person, only talking objects. I believe 100% in the freedom of speech and that no physical action should be taken upon you for thoughts, ideas and opinions.

The hard thing to grasp for me is if this group of people hates Americans so much, why come to our country? Why put all your effort into silly (yes, I say silly because in the grand scheme of things their terrorist attacks are completely pointless from a war strategy point of view. Good job, you killed 50 people and none of them were soldiers.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying a civilian’s life is worth any more or less than a soldiers. What I am saying is when you are in a ‘war’, as some perceive this to be, shooting someone without a gun pointed at you or someone drinking coffee would be the preferable choice of action. If you shoot the coffee drinker, then  the guy with a gun still shoots you. That is my point. If you really want to make some head way in this war, you should car bomb a naval station.

Hitler killed more people before lunchtime than Bin Laden has killed this entire war.

Again, I’M NOT SAYING A CIVILIAN LIFE IS UNIMPORTANT. I’M NOT SAYING I DON’T FEEL DEEPLY FOR THE FAMILIES OF LOST CIVILIANS/SOLDIERS. What I’m saying is the other sides’ efforts are futile, and this will remain a game of cat and mouse until they finally stop.

Back on Molly Norris, she is now in hiding because of the death threats she has received. Death threats are not something to be taken lightly, but in this country, the fact that a cartoonist is getting death threats over something like this is ridiculous. It’s not like she drew Muhammad being raped by an Eagle. THAT would be offensive.

Be warned, I WILL be talking about this on the next episode of y2cl radio.

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2 thoughts on “Fr**d*m *f Sp**ch – It’s not what it used to be.

    • jhorsley3 Post author

      really? was that a serious comment or where you trying to be funny? Because I only see one 'profanity' in that post.

      And if I was illiterate how would I have typed all that up in the first place? Are you so ignorant you don't know what the word illiterate means?

      If you want to talk trash to me on my blog by all means do it. Just do it right.