flopping along the daily life as a fish 9

today was not quite as eventful as yesterday was, dylans door stayed firmly on the van in our trip out to st vincet de paul, unlike yesterday when it decided it wanted to fall off, after dylan kicked it, and i pulled it, but still.

although i did have a number 10 from mcdonalds, nummy. normaly i hate mcdonalds, but the burger was good, and as dylan put it so nicly, the fries tasted like shit. they were ok, but not up to the mcdonalds standard we have all come to expect.

now im sitting here, not wanting to go to work, since that is what i have to do now. yes yes, for those who know me i know my job isnt hard, i sit at home on my ass and work on the computer or i sort books, but i just dont want to do it. nor do i want to study for my finals for college. i dont really want to do shit, but sit here, finish watching pulp fiction, maybe watch some more family wholesome movies, maybe go in my room, play some tony hawk 3, sit and stare at the ceiling for awhile and contemplate why im not doing anything. thats what i did in high school at night, i miss it, but this summer, no school, just work. so i should be able to find time to sit and contemplate why im not doing anything, or at least clean my fucking room.

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