Fishing Derby, Beta Fish and Sushi for lunch. 3

I’ve been wanting to update with some pictures for awhile, so here we go.

First up is our familys new pet, Jackson the beta fish.

So this is the first pet we have had since our Dog Sally died a few years ago. Not that we don’t love animals, it’s just they take time, effort and money. We already have three children and adding a dog of cat would be… a challenge that I just don’t want. From what I understand from my friends who have had several of these, they tend to die out quick. So expect pictures from our funeral serves (Viking style) and subsequent new Jackson Mark 2 beta fish. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen for at least a month.

Up next on the picture post is what I had for lunch today, just because I wanted to share it with you.

That’s right, I had sushi and beer for lunch. Talk about HEALTHY. If/when my wife sees this she will hit me. Oh, and YES that is a Nolan Ryan rookie card in the background under my monitors. Thanks for noticing.

On Saturday we took the kids to the Pogey Clubs Opening Day Kids Fishing Derby. Here’s photographic evidence.

That’s my b-e-a-utiful wife, then my awesome son Kodi. The kid in the blue next to him is my nephew JT. Remember him? He is responsible for drawing this y2cl comic. I have MANY more pictures, but not for you to see. Well, if you ask maybe. MAYBE.

And there you have it, a quick update of the status of me in quick pictures.

Do I have more to update you on? yeah, probably. Like how I’m writing blogs for Including and introduction and an interview with Andrew Schnorr and The Elderly Apple guy.

Peace out home slices.

Oh, and to all the new readers, HI!

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3 thoughts on “Fishing Derby, Beta Fish and Sushi for lunch.

  • Deth Invictus

    How did this post step over the line? Looks quite a good blog entry to me! 🙂

    Is that TweetDeck in the background on your monitor?

    So, did you get clubbed for the booze for lunch, or not? 😀