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So, thanks to Dylan i have all of Fiona Apples Extraordinary Machine album that was never released. It’s a wonder why Sony shelfed it, its REALLY fucking good. Probably her best work to date. Aparently they shelfed it because ‘its not commercial’ enough. Honestly, like anything on her first two albums where commercial. She is one of the best female vocalists out there, and they shelf her album for stupid reasons. Fucking corporate whores. I really hope it gets released and Fiona Apple breaks her contract with them to go to a better record label. I would love to have more Albums by her. I would still buy this one if it ever gets released, even though I’ve allready downloaded it.

If you want to d/l them and enjoy in the greatnest go there. you can d/l the whole album and they aer all great quality.

Mark Morford writes a really good article over at about it here

He does a good job talking about why it happened and why its fucking stupid.

Honestly Sony. FUCK YOU
~dog faced boy

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