February 14th, in the year of Twenty Seventeen.

Today is a day like no other! There has never been a day like today, and a day like today will never exist again!

Unless you believe in the chaos theory then it absolutely will happen again exactly as it did today given an infinite about of time and infinite possibilities!

But we wont be around for that! Or maybe we will, cause it will be exactly the same and I will be sitting here writing this exact same thing…wonder…have I done this before?



What’s so special about today? It’s VALENTINES DAY MOTHA FUCKA!

No, that’s not it.

Oh yeah


Man, what a time to be a live! All of you out there get to join us as the amazing Kaylie turns 30 years old today! This will never happen again! Unless you read the first part, then maybe it has? But relative to us it hasn’t!

If you’re my facebook friend yiu saw all the silly birthday and valentine’s I sent her while at work. If we are not,  sucks to be you.

Now that you know the true importance of today, go, carry on and enjoy the national holiday of Kaylies birthday!


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