Fant4stic – A review from two views

Fantastic Four Every since the first trailer on TV hit for Fant4stic, my four year old daughter Tegan has been begging to see it. Saying things like “Daddy! You HAVE to take me to see that!” and “Promise me we will see it! PLEASE!!?” How could I say no to this? Mind you I was not excited about seeing this movie at all. Not one single bit. From the first thing I read about it to the last trailer it looks like garbage. The casting was questionable, the fact they put no shorts on The Thing all the way to the fact they changed literally everything about FF for this movie.

Now I’m NOT a Fantastic Four fan. I think they are a dumb super group. Mr. Fantastic is just a rip off of Plastic man (who appeared 20 years earlier) and The Elongated Man (who appeared in 1960, a year before Mr. Fantastic). Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman, a copy of nearly any invisible character from the history of literature, but you could say the Invisible Man from Mystic Comics in 1940 if you wanted. Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, a re-hash of the 1940’s android Human Torch. And The Thing. I actually like The Thing. the point is, the Fantastic Four as a concept is silly and they are mostly all copies over other heroes that already existed.

I enjoyed the Jessica Alba FF movies and Michael Chiklis was great for The Thing. They should just always cast him. Even with their faults, they where more true to the comics (ignore that Galactis was a giant shadowy cloud).

But this movie. Holy shit.


  • Reed is a teenager
  • Sue is older than him
  • Ben is a giant pansy that really is not an important character in this movie
  • The FF is just a military tool for most of the movie
  • Johnny is one dimensional
  • The Thing is one dimensional
  • Reed is one dimensional
  • Sue is one dimensional
  • Victor….holy shit victor. His character is so downplayed it’s laughable.
  • Dr Doom looks terrible. His origin is terrible. His backstory is terrible.
    • Why can’t Hollywood build up how Evil Doom is? He’s not a frickin’ environmentalist. He’s the son of a sorcerer, one himself, conqueror of Latveria and he never had anything to do with the FF becoming the FF. He did have a rivalry with Reed in University, but Doom left after one of his inventions blew up and scared his face. I mean, part of his backstory is he put his mask on while it was still hot so it would mutilate his face MORE.

The whole movie felt like there was no plot. It was a series of unrelated events that where related only with a string.

Was it worse that Catwoman? No, that movie is just plain bad. Is it the worst Marvel movie to come out in the last 15 years? Absolutely.


And now for a review from a different view.

The only reason I went to see it in the theater was Tegan. She loves the Hulk and she loves any really strong character like that, so naturally when she saw the Thing she wanted to see him in action. She also though it was cool there was a guy on fire, a guy show stretches and a girl who was invisible. Throughout the movie she kept asking me about the characters, and talking about the movie and what she liked. Whenever someone was mean she would tell “that’s not nice!” She really enjoyed the movie, and that’s all that matters for this viewing. Her favorite line was at the end when The Thing says “That was fantastic”



John’s review:Terrible, worse than Daredevil

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