everything that has and will come to be 3

finish xmas shopping today. argh.

saw ROTK today. i think i creamed myself 42 times. nuff said? move on? ok.

gayrret and i are regular mallrats now, 2 days in a row! ha! take that! we where causing trouble again, but not as much as yesterday, blast.

saw sarah today, dont think she saw me. i was gonna make a big scene about how i was having her babies or soemthing, but she was busy, and i chickened out. but i did stop by to say hi sarah, so there. not my fault you where busy.

im so glad im feeling better now. this rules. not being sick is the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

gayrret, ok sorry his name isnt gayrret, its garret. but garret and i are building the greatest sites ever! evAr even! ok ok, so hes building his devilteam site, and im riding his coat tails and having him duplicated to my studio site and we are going to intertwine the two into one large community. we rule.

your friends and christ

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