Escaping a speeding ticket…like a boss

I don’t think I told you all how fucking rad (word says this is not a proper word, damn you Microsoft for not being ‘hip’) I am in avoiding a speeding ticket that I so rightfully deserved? Well no I haven’t, but let me tell you right now!

So after the show last Saturday at Hansen’s I had to be at work at midnight, and I was late (but we will get there later). So I left Hansen’s after we played to take the van home around 11:30, parked the van, grabbed my shit then left for work in my car. On Kitsap way by the Cemetery I passed a cop doing about 65mph, well the cop who was facing the other direction pulled out behind me and followed me (yes I had slowed down once I saw the cop).

Well this lovely officer followed me to light, as I turned and then to the turn into Bremerton Bowl, at which time a car turned in behind me in front of the police officer and the cop pulled THIS person over as I Wisk-fully drove off and parked for work laughing all the way.

I can just imagine the conversation they where having

“Going a little fast there?”
“I didn’t think so officer”
“I clocked you at 65mph n a 35 zone son, that’s quite a hefty ticket there you know”
“what? I wasn’t going that fast! I couldn’t have been I was turning!”
“son, don’t argue with me, I know what I’m talking about, now if you could just take this breathalyzer test for me“
“bmmut smmmrrr, immm smmmeaammrrr Immm wmmmmaasssmnnntt dmmmivvvimmmmm tmmaaammmttthhh fammmssstt”
“no talking with yer mouth full, boy”
“ymmesssh smmmrrrr”

Oh lark, I love me.

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