erotic sarah 3

brigitte moved out today. things are calm between her and i. 2 posts ago i said things need to change or i am going to off someone. well, they did, so no one gets offed (or gets off)

i played a show last night at the manette. it went rather well considered i had not played with the band since novemeber.

i had a very long post last night, that gave all the details of what happened yesterday to warrent my post about offing someone, and it didnt go through. good thing. cause now i dont want it up here anyways. if anyone wants to know what happened, just ask me and i will probably tell you.

i have more work to do right now then i ever thought i would. so much drawing to get done. so much work. and so much homework. i wish i had a secratary or an assistant to help me with my work. why not? i allready have a web designer.

so if anyone wants to be my assistant, send resumes to

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