Emerald City Comic Con 2016!

To start this thing off, check out this sweet video ECCC posted that has both Saidey AND Tegan in it! (at the 32 second mark)

Thanks to everyone for making #ECCC the best one yet! We hope to see you next year! Save the date: March 2-5, 2017

Posted by Emerald City Comicon on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Saidey's Adventures as Rey at ECCC Day 1 part 1Saidey's Adventures as Rey at ECCC Day 1 part 2I gotta say, I had SO much fun at ‪#‎ECCC‬ this weekend. Thursday and Friday I took just Saidey and Kodi and we had a blast together. Those kids are so much fun! On Thursday Saidey dressed up as Rey and was just tickled every time someone asked to have their picture taken with her! Kodi didn’t dress up this day or really take a lot of pictures, but he spent most of his time getting comic books signed and talking to artists and writers. My sister Kim and her son JT joined us as well and we spent the day walking around and looking at stuff. Kim ended up buying like 7 of those Collector Corps boxes from Funko and got this GIANT blue POP! bag that was big enough to fit Saidey into! All in all it was a GREAT first day and Saidey and Kodi really enjoyed themselves. Saidey was in some shoes that ended up hurting her feet so I got to carry her on my shoulders to the ferry. Walking like 10 blocks in Seattle with her up there. No fun.


2016-04-08-TH3 - Saideys Second Day at ECCCFriday I was going to take Kodi and Jakob, but Jake ended up not wanting to go and instead wanted to stay home and play with his friend. Saidey had been BEGGING to go again on Friday so I woke her up and surprised her that she got to go two days in a row! She thought this was just awesome. Not wanting to dress as Rey again she put on her pink Ninja outfit and went as a kick-ass Pink Ninja. She didn’t get as many compliments this time, but she still had fun. Again Kodi and I spent a lot of time getting comic books signed. We had a blast, but ended up being VERY tired on the way home.

Saturday Kaylie and I went together and met some awesome people. Finally met Byron, Ryan and Jonathan Bigelow in person after talking to them in various other forms for a long time.

ECCC Day 3 with KaylieWe got to talk with a few creators that I really admire and, because it’s what we do, introduced them to our whole family. Gail Simone was amazing as always and spent a lot of time talking with all of us and was generally just a great person to talk with. I swear she will end up on our Christmas Card list cause we spent so much time talking with her about our kids, and with the kids!

We also spent some time talking with Karl Kesel about his work in comics, how I’ve enjoyed his work since the mid 1990’s when I started reading comics, and how I just generally enjoy his work even to this day. It’s awesome to meet someone who’s talent I have appreciated since I was 11 and find out that are a genuinely nice person and a pleasure to talk with. Kaylie and I talked to him on Friday, but on Saturday we took all the kids to go see him (mostly because we warned him that we would bring all 5 of them by!) and he was nice enough to do a drawing for Saidey, Tegan and Jakob in their sketch books! Someday I’ll pick up one of his original comic art pages for my office, if only he had some of the old Adventures of Superman pages left!

Saidey went dressed as Rey from Star Wars, Tegan went as a Harley Quinn/Batgirl mashup and Kodi went as Carl Grimes. Jakob wasn’t able to get a costume ready in time and Jack went as a screaming 2 year old.

Man, such an awesome show! I can’t wait for next year!

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