Emerald City Comic Con 2009 2

Ok so I know today is Easter and all, and the ECCC was was weekend and I’m just NOW getting around to making a post about it…but that’s how things work in the life of ME.

To start our adventure off we missed our first ferry over to Seattle. This sucked, yes. BUT we walked down to the Town & Country Market on Bainbridge Island to get some bagels and coffee. My sister used to work there, which is of no relevance to this story, just thought it was interesting.

And now, let’s get onto some pictures from the day!

And that ends the pictures form ECCC. the next con we go to I’ll take MANY more pictures of the people who dress up and what I’m doing.

Oh, I also met y2cl reader Jared while trying to us the ATM who got a sketch of Larry.

I forgot to add that Saidey was in the Seattle Weekly because of this convention. Check it out here.

Until next time, PEACE OUT!

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