Andrew Schnorr and The Elderly Apple guy make for light dinner conversation. 2

The other night I had the pleasure of a lovely little sit down with Andrew Schnorr and The Elderly Apple Guy, the two halves that make the whole that is Elderly Apple. Probably my favorite idea comic in existance. I know you have heard me talk about Elerly Apple before, and I really can not say enough great things about this comic, but after this interview I have a whole new level of respect to the level of commitment Andrew and EAG put into this comic.

<AndrewSchnorr> We’ll wait. 🙂
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> We’ll wait like a buffalo waiting for a CAT scan!!!
<AndrewSchnorr> Um…yeah.
<@jhorsley3> hey@
<@jhorsley3> your here
<AndrewSchnorr> Yes, I am!
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Yes, WE are!
<@jhorsley3> excellent!
<@jhorsley3> sorry, I was drawing and not paying attention!
<AndrewSchnorr> Actually, give me 5 minutes, I want to make some hot chocolate for the interview.
<@jhorsley3> hey, that sounds good, me too
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Yummy yummy!
<@jhorsley3> I’m back
<AndrewSchnorr> As am I! And I’m all set! 😀
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> And, as per our agreement, I will try to be as quiet as a cotton ball in a freezer!!!!
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<@jhorsley3> you crazy ol’ coot you!
<@jhorsley3> Lets start this off with a bang!

<@jhorsley3> Tell me who you are and where you are from?
<AndrewSchnorr> Sure thing. 😀
<AndrewSchnorr> My name is Andrew Schnorr, I am the originator of “Elderly Apple“.
<AndrewSchnorr> I am 21 years old; I was born near Los Angeles, and I currently attend business school at the University of California, Berkeley.
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Ooo, how about me?!
<@jhorsley3> yes, please tell us about yourself as well
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> I was formed in one of Andrew’s bad dreams! I’m an orphan, as all my family and friends died in an unfortunate Lye accident in Delaware!
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> I currently reside on the internet and the crevases of Andrew’s mind.
<@jhorsley3> well that sounds like an interesting upbringing
<@jhorsley3> and youve come so far! from a bad dream to being able to use a computer!
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> That’s why I’m the REAL brain behind the comic!
<@jhorsley3> well all know talent when we see it!
<AndrewSchnorr> Hey! I’m the one in a prestigious university!
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Quiet, you flipper!
<@jhorsley3> yeah, but you have a ‘name’ he has a ‘calling card’
<AndrewSchnorr> >:(

<@jhorsley3> Please tell me the name of your comic and it’s URL.
<AndrewSchnorr> The comic is “Elderly Apple“, and the URL is Alternatively, just google “Elderly Apple“.
<@jhorsley3> See, that’s why I would beleive he is the true brains, his NAME is the NAME of the comic!
<AndrewSchnorr> He came *after* I created the comic, though! Doesn’t that make me the true progenitor?
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Michael Jordan is better at basketball than the creator of basketball, isn’t he?
<@jhorsley3> I half to agree
<AndrewSchnorr> *Grumble….*

<@jhorsley3> Tell me why you started Elderly Apple and when.

<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Well, I-
<AndrewSchnorr> Quiet, you!
<AndrewSchnorr> Elderly Apple actually had its roots in my job as a resident assistant in the Berkeley dorms.
<AndrewSchnorr> I was known for making weird little drawings, like a five-year-old would make.
<AndrewSchnorr> And they’d always have captions, like “flying pot” or “octopus on monkey bars.”

<@jhorsley3> Is there a point?
<AndrewSchnorr> Around this same time, I was getting more and more intrigued with the idea of starting a webcomic, but I knew I didn’t have the artistic ability or sense of humor to do a traditional one.
<AndrewSchnorr> No, never a point. 🙂
<AndrewSchnorr> So, a couple Christmases ago, I made a series of holiday cards.
<AndrewSchnorr> These cards had more elaborate versions of my little drawings, done in marker and colored pencil.
<AndrewSchnorr> I had scanned these cards, so as to keep the drawings for posterity.
<AndrewSchnorr> And then, it clicked!
<AndrewSchnorr> I knew I could make a webcomic that had no point, and just centered around these ideas.
<AndrewSchnorr> And those 29 holiday card ideas came to be known later on the site as “EA Classics”.
<AndrewSchnorr> And the rest is history. 🙂
<@jhorsley3> I enjoyed the EA Classics
<AndrewSchnorr> Thanks. What they lack in polish, they make up for in nostalgia.
<@jhorsley3> I also enjoy the fact that there is no point to Elderly Apple
<AndrewSchnorr> Very true, and I made sure to make that clear.

<@jhorsley3> do all the ideas inhabit the same ‘world’
<AndrewSchnorr> Yes, they do, but it’s not a normal world.
<@jhorsley3> do explain?
<AndrewSchnorr> It’s called the Microcosm.
<AndrewSchnorr> The Microcosm is, paraphrased, the world of our collective imagination.
<AndrewSchnorr> If you’ve ever studied Jung, you may have heard of the collective unconcious.
<@jhorsley3> oddly enough, I have studied Jung
<@jhorsley3> but on accident
<@jhorsley3> I thought his name was funny so I checked out his book
<@jhorsley3> wrote a song about it
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Ah, it looks like he got disconnected. So sad.
<@jhorsley3> uh oh
<@jhorsley3> that means Ihae you to answer questions!
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<@jhorsley3> this should get FUN!
<@jhorsley3> damn, he’s BACK
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> So, I’ll continue. The Microcosm is-
<CGM412> Er…
<CGM412> Not so fast!
<CGM412> Um…
<@jhorsley3> go on! CGM412 can’t stop you!
<CGM412> Slow…down?
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> As I was saying, the Microcosm is like a giant cupcake where you can blink sprinkles into and out of existance.
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Where a flying dog a mile away only takes three steps to walk to.
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Where your body proportions are your own choosing!
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<AndrewSchnorr2> Ah HA!
<@jhorsley3> whoa theres TWO OF YOU NOW
<@jhorsley3> this is getting weird
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> He’s multiplying! He’s a witch!
<AndrewSchnorr2> This is MY interview, EAG! I should have never let you out to play.
<@jhorsley3> well, that is wht you get for bringing him alont
<@jhorsley3> *along!
<AndrewSchnorr2> So, yeah, the Microcosm is a world where everything is fleeting and malleable…and possible.
<@jhorsley3> will there ever be anything that effects the world as a whole?
<AndrewSchnorr2> Well, yes and no.
<AndrewSchnorr2> Because what you see of the world at any one point in time IS the world as a whole.
<AndrewSchnorr2> So, every time you flip to a different page on the website, the Microcosm has completely changed.
<@jhorsley3> so it’s like the chaos theory, if you can’t see it then it theoretically does not exsist
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Trippy, ain’t it?!
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<AndrewSchnorr2> Quitter!
<AndrewSchnorr2> I’ll just slip into something more comfortable…
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<AndrewSchnorr> Ahh, much better.
<@jhorsley3> much better
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Slightly better.

<@jhorsley3> how do you keep going?
<AndrewSchnorr> Haha, I almost don’t know.
<AndrewSchnorr> Some sick sense of pride?
<AndrewSchnorr> Seriously, though, I am one to stick to my commitments.
<@jhorsley3> Judges?
<AndrewSchnorr> Even if they keep me up at night.
<@jhorsley3> yeah, we can accept that answer
<AndrewSchnorr> More than anything, every night I say to myself, “It’s not finished yet.”
<@jhorsley3> that’s a good way to do it, stick to you rcommitments
<AndrewSchnorr> And until it is finished, I need to keep going.
<@jhorsley3> is there ever an end?
<AndrewSchnorr> 1000 days of dream.
<AndrewSchnorr> That is the goal.
<@jhorsley3> so once you hit 1000 you will stop?
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> He wants to kill me!
<AndrewSchnorr> Quiet!
<AndrewSchnorr> I doubt I’ll ever STOP totally.
<AndrewSchnorr> But it is planned to be the end of regular updates to the site.
<AndrewSchnorr> *Planned*, mind you.
<@jhorsley3> thats not for a few yeras though, right?
<AndrewSchnorr> Well, I’m only about 2/5 of the way. So, you still have some time to get your fill. 😉
<AndrewSchnorr> Also, I don’t plan to stop comicking altogether.
<@jhorsley3> good good!
<AndrewSchnorr> I have…plans.
<@jhorsley3> care to share those ‘plans’?
<AndrewSchnorr> Maybe later in the interview, as we’re supposed to be talking EA here. 🙂
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Yeah, those plans don’t involve me! >_-
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Er, that was an angry pirate.
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Arr!
<@jhorsley3> quiet you!

<@jhorsley3> What sort of things would you include in a printed colletion to get readers to buy since they can still read it for free on your website?
<AndrewSchnorr> Ease of access, for one. No clicking required. 😛
<AndrewSchnorr> But more than that, behind the scenes commentary.
<AndrewSchnorr> There is a story behind all, er, most ideas.
<AndrewSchnorr> And usually, I don’t get to tell them on the site itself. It just doesn’t fit the format.
<AndrewSchnorr> Also, I would put in special, never-before-seen ideas.
<@jhorsley3> do you have plans to print one?
<AndrewSchnorr> Yes, though I’m still debating when and how.
<AndrewSchnorr> There are no real good cut-off dates or strips.
<@jhorsley3> why not each year?
<@jhorsley3> didn’t you start on January 1st?
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Ooop, he got cut off again!
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> I’ll fill in!
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> He started on January 22nd because the release of Elderly Apple was actually to celebrate the one year anniversary for his blog.
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> He won’t mention it, but Elderly Apple (and I) was only an experiment.
<@jhorsley3> GASP!
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> But now, his blog is on hiatus, and I require all his attention! I rule!
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Hahahahaha!!!!
<@jhorsley3> so you are like his girlfriend?
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> He’s never asked me out. *Sniff.*
<@jhorsley3> well that bastard!
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<@jhorsley3> If you could make one interesting merch item out of Elderly Apple (cost is not a factor) what would it be?
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<AndrewSchnorrAgain> Why am I the one getting kicked off here?!
<AndrewSchnorrAgain> Anyway, merch!
<AndrewSchnorrAgain> Only one piece, eh?
<AndrewSchnorrAgain> A video game.
<@jhorsley3> yup
<AndrewSchnorrAgain> An adventure game that takes place in the Microcosm.
<AndrewSchnorrAgain> Pliny the Elderly Apple has been framed for murder, and you have to prove his innocence!
<@jhorsley3> before he dies of old age!
<AndrewSchnorrAgain> Of course, such a game would butcher my first two tenants (“No Plot Twists” and “No Character Development”), but hey: we all have a chance to sell out in life, and I mean to take it!
<@jhorsley3> for a video game it’s worth it!
<AndrewSchnorrAgain> Better than a mousepad!
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> How about a mouse *bachelor* pad?
<AndrewSchnorrAgain> Hmmm….
<@jhorsley3> a new idea!
<@jhorsley3> that was easy!
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<AndrewSchnorrAgain> Ah, time to assume a new (old) identity…
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<@jhorsley3> excellent
<AndrewSchnorr> Yeah, some days, ideas come easy.

<@jhorsley3> Sum up in one sentance why people should click the link to Elderly Apple.
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Other days, he needs me.
<AndrewSchnorr> With crazy, funny, and whimsical ideas to match all personalities, moods, and lifestyles, “Elderly Apple” is your daily dose of hand-drawn zen.
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> My sentance is: Pop Tarts smothered the blender!
<@jhorsley3> I like Pop Tarts Smothered the Blender!
<@jhorsley3> but yours is good to Andrew
<AndrewSchnorr> >:|

<@jhorsley3> now we are done with talking about Elderly Apple,
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> ^_^
<@jhorsley3> Let’s talk about your ‘future’ plans
<AndrewSchnorr> Ah, okay.
<AndrewSchnorr> Take a hike, lawn chair!
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Fine, I’m getting a pina colada and watching “Wheel of Fortune”!
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> Tooooooodles, J!
<TheElderlyAppleGuy> And I’ll see you later, Andrew. *Wink*
<@jhorsley3> later EAG! See you inmy dreams tonight!
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<AndrewSchnorr> Okay, so this is still in early, EARLY development.
<@jhorsley3> like my career
<AndrewSchnorr> Heehee.
<AndrewSchnorr> But anyway, I have a future project called “Vagabond Lions”, and it couldn’t be any more different than “Elderly Apple”.
<AndrewSchnorr> It will be a long-form comic, written by me, and drawn by somebody else.
<AndrewSchnorr> Somebody better than me, specifically. 😛
<AndrewSchnorr> It will be an epic narrative, in the same vein as the Homeric tales.
<@jhorsley3> nice
<@jhorsley3> planning any ‘cameos’ from Eldelry Apple in it?
<@jhorsley3> like the main character eats an apple, calls it Phinos
<AndrewSchnorr> Heh, that might be tricky. But maybe the little crab will have an appearance.
<AndrewSchnorr> (Note: The Little Crab is my only recurring character.)
<AndrewSchnorr> So, VL will take place in a post-apocalyptic medieval period.
<AndrewSchnorr> Confused?
<@jhorsley3> not at all
<AndrewSchnorr> It takes place in the 25th century, about 200 years after a magnitude 11.5 earthquake destroys most of the earth.
<@jhorsley3> excuse me while I get a drink, preferably heavy in alcohol
<AndrewSchnorr> Sure, I’ll just use the time to type. 😀
<AndrewSchnorr> Anyway, only a handful of people remain (maybe 300 million), and they’re mostly concentrated in this one landmass. Society has become a mix of medieval times and “Mad Max”-style futures.
<AndrewSchnorr> Basically, it’s a setup that allows me to have technology span to whatever I want.
<@jhorsley3> clever
<AndrewSchnorr> So, I have one guy with a gun, one with a sword, and they’re listening to an Edison phonograph while watching a helicopter being reconstructed.
<AndrewSchnorr> Oh, and there’s this one guy who lives in a hot air balloon!
<@jhorsley3> nice! hopefully he throws things at people!
<AndrewSchnorr> He has a sniper rifle that he converted into a net gun to catch birds.
<AndrewSchnorr> And he throws the bird bones down!
<@jhorsley3> awesome!
<AndrewSchnorr> But, just a little setup.
<AndrewSchnorr> Politically, the world is divided into “The Church” (a militaristic, very medieval psuedo-Christian sect), which controls most of the world…
<AndrewSchnorr> The New Iberian Empire, a small but rich and powerful confedration of kingdoms that is slowly stealing territory from the Church.
<AndrewSchnorr> And a bunch of barbarian (that is, non-incorporated) tribes.
<@jhorsley3> (Phinos is appearing in a y2cl comic)
<AndrewSchnorr> Haha.
<AndrewSchnorr> So, the comic follows the Vagabond Lions.
<AndrewSchnorr> Which is a name of a group of adventurers (not actual lions).
<AndrewSchnorr> Specifically, the main character is Daikana Mizuyama, a knight of the Church.
<AndrewSchnorr> Having just turned…20, maybe, he begins his knighthood, in hopes of becoming a “champion” (the equivalent of a Medal of Honor winner).
<AndrewSchnorr> (…kinda).
<@jhorsley3> sounds very tehno-punk-knights-and-gragons
<@jhorsley3> *dragons
<AndrewSchnorr> Yeah, kinda.
<AndrewSchnorr> No dragons, but there is magic.
<AndrewSchnorr> Scientificly explained, of course.
<AndrewSchnorr> I’m still in the process of world-building.
<@jhorsley3> sounds pretty awesome
<AndrewSchnorr> That is, I’m writing a series of documents outlining the world, the characters, and concepts of the story.
<@jhorsley3> what art style are you shooting for?
<AndrewSchnorr> Then I plan to write a script.
<AndrewSchnorr> Then, I plan to do a storyboard.
<AndrewSchnorr> Then, I plan to find an artist.
<AndrewSchnorr> And go from there. 😀
<@jhorsley3> awesome!
<@jhorsley3> that will be a huge change from EA
<AndrewSchnorr> Indeed.
<AndrewSchnorr> But that’s probably years off, so don’t hold your breath (unless you’re David Blaine).
<@jhorsley3> im not!
<AndrewSchnorr> Damn, I wanted his autograph!

And that my friends is my wonderful of wonderous interview with the minds behing Elderly Apple! If you havvn’t yet, please do check out this comic that is more then a comic. I use it for inspiration and you can to. Do you feel down without ideas? Visits Elderly Apple, read through some ideas and I bet you will start having ideas of your own!

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