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JN on a PINK "I'm not gay" Easter Egg

JN on a PINK "I'm not gay" Easter Egg

So today was the official day that we did our Easter egg coloring. As always, I did an egg for seen here (It is JN from y2cl and he is drawn in wax before the dip into pinkville.) As always with family events that we do with our kids we had our own little trials and tribulations getting the three kids to focus on getting the eggs done and not throwing them.

The Egg Line Up

The Egg Line Up

As you can see from the various pictures I’ve included in this post, we did a variety of eggs, from painted to sparkly to simply dipped. The hardest part of making these eggs? Not cracking them open and eating them, cause I love me some hard boiled egg whites.

The REAL fun came when Kaylie decided it would be a GREAT idea to put all the excess paint onto Producer Kam and make him look like a sparkle clown. Why did she do this? Well you see one of our favorite things to do int he WHOLE WORLD is to torment little Kamren.

On a special side note I should mention here that Kamren spent the last week here to learn about computers. I had a bunch of hardware and software moving around o do, so I walked him through what to do and gave him the go ahead to get working. I return for all this I would give him enough parts to build a computer to learn on and play with. One week later he has gone through FOUR different previously working FULL computers the now no longer will turn on. The last one I gave him was a working XP computer that was built for him by me. He wanted to move it to a new case. Needless to say it no longer sends an image out to the motherboard.

Now this doesn’t really matter, cause they where all junk PC’s I was going to donate anyway. The REALLY pisser is the fact that I have 4 desktop PCs and one laptop. Correct that, I HAD 4 desktop PCs and a laptop. I know only have a working laptop and a cheap XP computer I built for the kids. ALL THREE of my other computers, my desktop, Kaylie“>Kaylie’s desktop, even my server, will no longer TURN ON. Not just error out, BUT NO POWER AT ALL. Pretty sure the power supplies got blown some how. I also have no official reason or proof this was Kamren‘s fault, BUT before he showed up? They all worked. After he left? They all broke.

Here are a few more images or the torment of Producer Kam

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