DTC Plays the Old Town Pub In Silverdale!

Sitting at work watching Futurama rules. Sitting at work extremely tired and partially drunk watching Futurama is priceless. Let me explain.

So we went and played the open mic night at Old Town Pub in Silverdale, hoping that maybe it would get us into some paying gigs. Well we set up our gear and then Calvin and I went up to the bar and ordered a shit of Tequila and a Moose Drool. Down both and then was ready to play.

We played an instrumental first, a song called ‘Vagina Game’ which went over surprisingly well. People where rockin’ out to it and everything. Then we busted into ’Top of the Bottom’ then right into ’Till Death Do Us’ followed by ’Ugly Duckling’. Of course none of this means anything to any of you because you don’t know our songs, but it was great. So good in fact that when we finished out set the bartender was over talk to us about booking a show before I had time to get around from the drum kit (which was a house kit and sucked like shit, wont do that again). That made us feel all warm and fuzzy like on the insides. She wanted to book us for this coming Friday, but we are already playing at Hansen’s, so we booked for the second of December (that’s next Friday). You should all come and support us, we get 10% of the bar so if you come drink heavy. We could charge a cover, but we don’t think we will since we really just want as many people as possible to see us play.

Anyway come support us at the Battle of the Bands at Hansen’s this Friday and at Old Town Pub in Silverdale next Friday December the 2nd. We may even dedicate a song to you if you want us too!

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