DTC Plays at Rush’s with Ruxton Towers, My Favorite Nothing and Song by Sea!

So we played a show last night over at Rush’s with Ruxton Towers, My Favorite Nothing and Some By Sea.  All in all it was a pretty nice show, we did really well and people made it a point to tell us that.  There was a flock of girls in front of Calvin and members of the other bands in front of Jeff, very fitting I thought.

At one point during our set Calvin goes to the mic and says

“Our bass player Rick here has recently become single, his cell phone number is ***-**** give him a call for a good time!”

Which I thought was extremely hilarious and Rick got embarrassed.  My Favorite Nothing (who put on a good show themselves) said they really liked our set and hope to see us around more.  Also, when I checked out myspace account the next ay we had three new friend requests from people who where at the show (all 16 or so year old girls) and a message from another girl saying the she liked our set and that Ugly Duckling was like the greatest song ever. That sure makes a band feel great.
After we where done Barbara walked up to say hi with her friend, I was glad she came.  It’s nice when someone you invite shows up.  Her and her friend left in a hurry because they had things to do which sucked because I was totally going to hit on her friend and give her my number.  So at work that night I started to drill Barbara for information about her friend.  I found out she is 19, her name is Krista and she is really shy.  Good good.  Toward the end of the night I gave Barbara my number and asked her to give it to her friend, so we shall see where this being outgoing thing gets me.  Probably nowhere.

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