Draw Until It’s Funny

So this new comic popped up, you might have heard about it. It’s called ‘Draw until It’s Funny‘ and brought to you by Ryan Hudson from Channel ATE! and Justin Boyd of Left Handed Toons.

The concept is easy enough, you start a comic and draw until it’s funny, or 15 panels. You just get an idea for the first panel then run with it. Sounds like FUN! What’s that you say? You want to make comics like this? Well luckily Ryan and Justin are kind, soft hearted individuals and have already set up way for you to be a part of the action! All YOU have to do is have a web-comic, and make an attempt and being funny! That second part might be hard if you don’t have a web-comic, but then again if you have one you should be funny by trade! Right? Moving Along…

I plan to email Ryan and Justin a few DUIF comics, get myself DUIF’d (why do I think of The Simpsons when I say it out loud?)

So look for one from myself and from Joe of For The Reels within the next 2 years! I promise! (assume they publish them)

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