Donald Trump Anthem

First, watch this. Watch it all the way. It’s short. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


What the actual fuck, right? This isn’t some parody video or taken from some random SNL episode. This is a 100% honest to god performance that Donald Trump had these poor little girls who probably don’t know any better, but just had parents who are idiots wanted a paycheck.

I’m pulling some of this info from this USA Today article.

How in the holy hell can anyone take this man seriously as a candidate? This man is a fucking JOKE. He’s a racist. He’s sexist. He’s an idiot. “Oh he speaks his mind! I like that about him!” No, you really don’t. You like that he lets you be an open racist dick wad. He makes it ok to judge people on their race, gender and sexuality. The ONLY way for him to appeal to the masses and not look like the giant fuck-tard he is would be for the Republican party to nominated a half black half Mexican Transgender gay Jew for his vice presidential spot.

GAH! Sorry, I don’t always like to get political (but I do, I’m old) but the longer this Donald Trump shit does on, the angrier I get about it.

If you want to vote for this idiot, that’s your right as an American and I respect you expressing your right to vote. Moreover I applaud you for taking the time to vote. What I beg of you is be an informed voter. Read BOTH parties platforms. What I do is I sign up for the email list for both candidates so I get updates from both sides and can make my own decision.

Oh yeah, one last thing. Don’t vote for Trump.

Thank you.

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