Dec 5th: Dont Bother

It’s 6pm and I am sitting at home with Kodi and Jakob on hold to Kaylie at work eating McDonalds and watching Hercules. Damn, when did I become so domesticated? Not that I’m complaining or anything, I rather like it, I’m just saying it’s a little different then what I was doing this time last year. At this time last year I was probably sitting at my parents house in my room in the garage, with my only bill being my car payment and insurance, playing City of Heroes. Man what I wouldn’t give to be playing that game right now. If I had it installed I would be playing it right now!
As soon Grama gets out of the bath I will be going out to clean up the Jeep since it’s been trashed. I also brought my nice computer over here to play with, but I’m not sure where I will be able to set it up or anything…would be nice to have both of them up and running here so Kaylie and I could both be online at the same time! Then again I really do want to sell off some of these computers to buy me a nice laptop.
Sadly folks I’m getting bored of typing this and want to play the “clean the hard drive” game, so I will say “BYE BYE!!”


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