Dec 4th Part Two: The One You Want To Read. 6

And now we return to the Adventures of the USS J Ponykins already in progress!!

Ok, so I was going to continue in the same vein as the last post and write this up like a story, but honestly I don’t feel like it and just want to free type the rest of our adventure so I can move on to the next order of business. We got on to Staten Island and met up with my friend Kathy at what we thought was a K-Mart. It in fact was not a K-Mart but a something else, but never-the-less we did meet up with her and followed her frantically back to Fort Wadsworth.

Let me take a side note here to tell you about the wonderful security level at Fort Wadsworth. You know how here at a base there are armed guards and id checks? At this base we drove by and the buy in the id check station just waved at us. Never once did we get id checked or stopped. Just thought that was a little funny in our current war state and it being in New York and all.
We had a lot of fun on this portion of the trip. Kathie and Justin took us to Manhattan into Times Square. What a fucking trip that was! We went into a three story Toys R Us that was like a fucking mad house! I love it! The next day we went to Central Park and had some really good fucking hot dogs. $2 for insanely good hot dogs, I LOVED it! We watched some French guys skate board and saw some crazy people.

On the 19th Kaylie and I where laying in bed while Kodi was watching Cars, we where looking at each other and I asked her a question. The question. And she said yes.

Then we each called our respective parents and told them about the engagement.

Sorry ladies, but that means I’m taken for good!

The next day we went to the Statue of Liberty then to the Staten Island Mall to the Zales store and I bought her this

. It setme back, but was worth every penny.
We are getting married on February First and as of right now are planning to tie the knot in Las Vegas then have a reception back up here the weekend we get back and invite all of you too to shower us with gifts! Until then, I’m out! It’s time to pick Kaylie up from work.


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