Dec 3rd: Still Not the one you want to read…but close 2

So right now I am sitting at my parent’s house using their computer because Kaylie’s brother Kyle was over the other night and used our computer. Upon waking up in the morning I go to use my said computer and it has three lovely new viruses on it for me. I got two of them removed in about half an hour, but the third and final one still sits there awaiting me, taunting me, and stopping me form doing what I want to do. So that sucks. Now the completion of my transcription of our trip back east.


Cape Cod, Massachusetts
We drove most of the length of the island and stayed in a town called Daniel. Kaylie and I went and got IHOP to go, we slept, had cold showers, then we left. That’s about all we did there.


Boston, Massachusetts
First I would like to tell you that Boston has the most confusing road system I have ever had the pleasure of driving on. Nothing about them makes sense. There are 7 way stops. That’s right SEVEN WAYS. Grama paid for a room at the La Quinta for two nights and we did a shit ton of driving without stopping. Grama has this habit of wanting to just drive around and get lost. We did this several times.
Kaylie and I took the kids to this weird arcade thing where we spent $20 on crappy games and got some crappy toys for Kodi. Yeah I know, totally worth it for the $20 harmonica that Kodi calls a ‘sing song’ and wants to play it at all times. We also drove around trying to find Fenway Park, but just ended up getting lost and driving all around it. But that’s ok we had a pretty good time. From there we drove down to Rhode Island.


Providence, Rhode Island
Here we stayed at the Crown Plaza Hotel and Resort, not because we where big ballin’ or anything but because Grama got tired or driving around and said just stop here. Holy shit on a shingle was it a nice hotel. I really didn’t think Rhode Island had anything this nice. On our first and only (Kaylie made me type the “and only” to clarify, she thinks you are all dumb) night there we went to order some food and then to the van to get something (I forget what, but what it was isn’t really important) and on the short trip from the room to the restaurant then outside Miss Kaylie LOST her glasses. That’s right, in a 5 minute stretch she lost them! Never to be seen again! Until they called when we got home and they mailed them to us, but none the less a TRAGEDY OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!


And now I am going to go play Disney Scene It? With the family and my parents, possibly I will right the final chapter of our East Coast trip tonight, possibly not. Only time will tell.



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