Dear Dad – Let me tell you about your granddaughter Tegan and the great fall!

Hey Dad! I know I wrote you yesterday, but something happened last night I just had to share with you. I have to warn you it’s not a funny story, nor is it a feel good story. It’s a story about your granddaughter Tegan, your daughter-in-law and an injury.

As you know Tegan is a tank. She is the toughest of ALL my kids. The kid is a daredevil, she has NO fear! Jumps off couches, down stairs and loves to get shots like her big sister. I know, they are BOTH crazy! Anyway, we were over hanging out with Mom last night and Kaylie and I where helping her to change the sheets and bed skirt since she couldn’t lift the mattress. As you know kids just LOVE to jump on beds, and Tegan is no stranger to this. She jumped up on the bed and proceeded to use it as a trampoline. If you know Tegan at all you know she loves to “Jumpy Jumpy!” as she says.

Well I grabbed her on a jump and tossed her down and she LOVED it, popped up laughing with an ear to ear grin. “Again! Again!” she said. Kaylie obliged and did the same thing, only this time Tegan fell wrong and her arm was stretched outright and hit the bed between her and her body.

Instant tears.

Instant shitty parent feeling all around.

Tegan got a LOT of cuddles after that. Kaylie held her in Mom’s chair and rocked her but she just wouldn’t move her arm nor stop crying. We even gave her a Crunch bar and she just held it, crying and saying “owie!”. We even tried fruit snacks, and you KNOW how much she loves fruit snacks! Same thing, just crying and saying owie. After about 45 minutes of this we decided to take her into the ER because this is not normal for her.

We get to the ER and it’s packed as always. We went to Silverdale this time, I know we normally go to Tacoma cause Mary Bridge is a world of difference better than Harrison, but for this we figured it would be ok. Not to mention it was late and we were tired. Luckily we ended up with a doctor who was nice. Now he didn’t really do anything beyond touch Tegan’s arm, take an x-ray and tell us that you “cannot really tell in a little one like this. It’s probably a sprain but it could be a fracture. The x-ray could be hiding it cause of her age”.

Wait…WHAT? You mean we just wasted 3 hours for you to tell us “Yup, she’s hurt! Watch her!”


I didn’t say that, but I sure wanted to! We ended up getting home around 1am to which I then had to get the trash and recycling out for the next day and got to bed around 1:30am. Shortly after that Tegan was up crying again and in our bed and didn’t let up until about 2:30am or 3am, I can’t remember it was late and I was very tired.

I don’t have a picture of her at the hospital last night, but I will share with you this picture of you feeding her ice cream. Mouth wide open, she loves her sweets!

It was crazy Dad, I’m not sure how I did it but I still got up and went to work at 6am today. And it’s Halloween so I’ll be up late with the kids trick-or-treating tonight.

I think come bedtime tonight I will just passout for a day or two.

Oh wait, I can’t. I have work tomorrow.

Until next time Dad, I hope this letter finds you in good spirits.

Love, Johnny.

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