Dear Dad – I want to tell you about Kodi’s birthday.

Dear Dad,

Can you believe that Kodi is 10 now? I can’t! My little boy is growing up SO fast! You were right you know, about the whole comic book thing and getting him to read. The kid LOVES to read comics now. So much so that after all his gifts last night the FIRST thing he did was read 2 of his new comics! He blames it all on you, his love for comics that is. You would be proud, his favorite comic is Teen Titans. His favorite current super hero is Kid Flash. He also really likes Jimmy Olsen; again I blame you for that one. What kid likes Jimmy Olsen enough to get excited about comics he stars in? Your grandson, that’s who!

So for his birthday, since he is super into Teen Titans right now, Kaylie and I bought him an original Teen Titans #1 from the old 1966 series. I put it in a frame for him and gave it to him yesterday morning. You should have seen the look on his face Dad! He loved it! He was so excited to get it and wanted to call and tell you. We also gave him a subscription to the current Teen Titans title so he could read the new issue each month. Again, he was super happy with this, though he wasn’t quite sure what a subscription was until I explained he will get a new comic in the mail each month.

He got some Halo toys, which we both know I’m not super thrilled about but my little guy is growing up so I have to let him grow up. He got some posters and Legos and such. But the best part was the gift Mom went in on with us for him. I know I know what you are going to say, but Mom wanted to be the awesome grandma this year and she certainly delivered on that!

So let me tell you how it went down since you were unable to be there. I understand why, it still sucks though as I’m sure you would agree.

Kodi opened all his presents and we ended it with Mom giving him some Halo Legos (which he loved!) and told him that was all the gifts and had him say thank you to everyone. I took this time to go to my desk and get the one last present, which was a large box wrapped in the ever appropriate Christmas paper, you know the Horsley tradition. It’s either in a bag or wrapped like a Christmas gift! He opened up that box and in it was….Another wrapped preset! He laughed, we all laughed and then he opened that present. What was in it you ask? Another wrapped present! Do you see a trend here? Again, uncontrollable laughter and then he opened this present, hoping it was the last. Guess what? It wasn’t! It was another wrapped present! He put the present down and put his head in his hands just laughing. A look or pure joy on his face. And if you know Kodi, which I know you do, you know that it takes a lot for him to show a lot of emotion and he was wearing it on his sleeves at this point.

The last present in this present-ception of a Russian Nesting Doll of gifts he opened up and about half way through he realized that it was the iPod Touch he had been BEGGING for, which turned his pure joy onto uncontrollable joy! He ran and gave mom a big hug, then Kaylie and then myself. It was beautiful.

Now what do you think the first thing this 10 year old boy did with his new iPod touch? Play a game? Ask to download something? Listen to music? Browse the web? Nope! Not your grandson! Not my son! He opened up the comic app and proceeded to start reading the Teen Titans comics I put on there for him! Talk about making a dad proud! At that point I realized that I had got him not only what he wanted, but exactly what he needed. This could be his little pocket comic reader, amongst other things, and he could be reading anyplace! At nearly anytime!

Needless to say Dad he had an awesome birthday! I think you would be proud of him for how he acted.

Here is a picture of Kodi and I doing what we do best, being completely serious at all times.

Well, I need to get to work. I hope this letter finds you well. Until next time.

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