Deadpool – A review in the key of D Minor

So I saw Deadpool last night. Saw it with  my wife, my buddy Joshua and his girlfriend Vanessa. It was a cornucopia of love and madness.

Deadpool's first appearance in New Mutants 98 by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld.

Deadpool’s first appearance in New Mutants 98 by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld.

So some of you may know, Deadpool is a very interesting character that has developed and changed over the years. He is hardly anything like his original inception back in New Mutants 98 from 25 years ago.  In his first appearance he was more of an annoying merc that said some off the wall stuff. Originally a rip of Deasthstroke from DC Comics (SLADE Wilson and WADE Wilson? Come on, that’s pretty blatant. Event their costumes are similar) he wasn’t originally meant to be a main player in anything. I’m not saying that because I have some insider knowledge, I’m just saying that because this first issue he appeared in, like many first appearances throughout history, is just so bad. I’ve read it a few times, and besides the incredibly shitty artwork Mr. Liefeld provides us, the story he is inserted into is pretty bland. No offence meant to Mr. Nicieza, as his work is normally pretty good (Check out Legion Lost), this one felt rushed and meant to hit a deadline. Which explains why New Mutants was canceled two issue later.

Given all that, how did this translate to film? Well, had they used the original Deadpool the film would have been terrible. Thankfully some great writers got their hands on the character later on and gave him the 4th wall breaking, talking to himself smart assness we see in the movie.

Ok, I’ll stop talking about the old comic version and move on to what you are all hear to read about. The DEADPOOL movie staring that Green Lantern guy.

Let’s start basic, shall we? Let’s start with the costume. This has to be the truest to the comics adaptation of a costume ever. I know, the Spider-Man costume is pretty spot on, but the Deadpool costume is pretty complex comparatively. They knocked this one out of the park. We have the animate eyes that change, just like the comics. We have the tactical gear and the right colors. One could argue the red should be more red, but screw them. The costume was amazing.

How did Mr. Green Lantern do as the Merc with a Mouth? Honestly, this is the role Ryan Reynolds was born to play. He is the embodiment of this character. From now on any movie I see with him in it will just be Deadpool as that character. Let’s all re-watch Green Lantern and just imagine is Wade Wilson played Hal Jordon. Might change the whole outlook of the movie. Hmmm…Maybe we should make a fan cut when Deadppol comes out on Blu Ray to make a LanternPool movie splicing parts together. I wont do it, but it’s a neat idea.

What about the comedy, was there enough comedy in this to do Deadpool justice? I’m assuming you saw the plethora of marketing for this film? Everything from an Australia Day video to a video on how to check your balls for cancer. All that comedy from those videos translated over into the movie. The comedy was spot on. Again, Reynolds was born for this role.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool with a rose.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool with a rose.

“Tell me John, did they break the 4th wall? Was it handled well?” They absolutely broke the 4th wall, and often. It never felt cheesy or forced. They did a great job of making you see that one of Deadpool’s powers is that he is very much self aware. Making references to Ryan Reynolds, to Green Lantern, to the actors in the X-Men universe and to his other time playing Wade Wilson. There was so many references, both spoken and in the background, that I can’t wait to see it again to just look for more. They really did make you feel like Deadpool was a character that new he was in a movie, based on a comic, starting Ryan Reynolds. A whole lot of confusing, but it translated really well.

“What about the action? Surly with all that comedy and 4th wall crap the action had to suffer!” Not at all. The fight scenes were amazing, the action throughout was awesome. Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead really were a great choice for background supporting X-Men.

So what’s my overall opinion? Right now, I’m saying it’s one of, if not the top, best super-hero/comic book movies ever made. This may change as I have more time to analyze it, but right now it’s amazing in my mind. Definitely the best one Fox Studios has ever made. The best X-Men movie by far.

For all of our sake’s I hope they make many more movies with Deadpool in them. I also REALLY want them to allow Deadpool to cross over into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and just like show up somewhere with Spider-Man or in the background. Don’t explain it at all, just let this one character roam freely. I think the studios should all agree that Deadpool should be allowed to be in ANY comics book movie. Batman V Superman? Deadpool is getting a taco in the background in Metropolis. Let’s make it happen.

VERDICT: Go see it, it’s amazing. However, don’t take your kids. It’s not appropriate for kids. Like at all.

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