DC Re-booting MORE stuff? What the hell.

DC seems to LOVE re-boots lately. Jim Lee Scooby Doo

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE DC FAN. But for fucks sake, knock it off.

Look at this image here. Do we REALLY need Hipster Scooby Doo? Really DC? I mean, I love Jim Lee art, but COME ONE MAN.

Do we really need them tattoo’d, ironic facial hair and messenger bagged up? And that’s just Shaggy! Velma has some drone she is flying? Fred has some strange looking squirt gun. And apparently they replaced Daphne with Fairchild form Gen 13.

Then there’s Scooby. Is this Old Man Scooby with his monocle?

What the actual fuck.

DC board room:

“Team, we need to re-boot Scooby Doo!”

“But…Scobby Doo has been going strong since 2010 when we re-started it, and before that it did great for 13 years AND we have the Scooby Doo Team up series entering its third year. These books have fun light hearted stories the fans love. Why should be mess with that?”

“We need to modernize them! People love hipsters, drones and dogs with monocles! Let’s do that!”

“Uhm, sir, maybe a few years ago, but literally none of that is going to work. Hipsters don’t like anything mainstream and you don’t really get more main stream than a cartoon character that’s lasted 40 years with TV Shows, movies comics and more. This will be a terrible idea!”

“You’re fired, voice of reason!”


“Ok, not how short can we legally make Velma’s skirt will still making her look 12 and not get sued?”


Needless to say, I fucking hate reboots.

I am however looking forward to the Future Quest comic with Space Ghost. That looks awesome.

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