DC Comics is rebooting… supposedly CANCELING Action and Detective Comics!

I’m not sure if you have heard the news but DC Comics is re-booting it’s entire universe after the events of their current story line FLASH POINT. I do think this is a pretty awesome idea. DC Comics really does need to be brought into the modern world in a big fuck off sort of way and re-booting the entire universe is a good way to do it. I just hope in six months of a year they don’t start dipping back into events that happened pre-FLASH POINT and honestly keep with the ‘this is a new universe‘ and keep it with all new stories and ideas.

Hell, I’m even okay with them retelling old stories within this universe. This does mean that Dick Grayson is back to being Robin and that one no one liked never died. This changed a lot of things and will create a lot of re-writes for characters. Again I think this is a GREAT idea for DC Comics. I LOVE the DC Universe and have thought something like this needed to be done for a LONG TIME. Reboot the stories and universe, GREAT idea.

You know what’s a BAD idea? DC Comics canceling Action Comics and Detective comics. The two single oldest consecutive printing comics out there. Going strong since 1937 and 1938 I feels it’s a disservice to comic fans to cancel these series. What I think should happen is they KEEP them going WITH their current numbering but follow the story/universe re-boot of the rest of the DC Comics Line up. Use these comics and character testers and creator launching pads like I’ve always thought they should be.

The same argument can be made for Superman and Batman who have been going strong since the 1940’s but honestly those titles are throwaways. Who cares if they re-start Superman at #1? That makes SENSE to re-booting the universe. Same with Batman, it’s simply a good move to do that. But don’t go and CANCEL the two comics RESPONSIBLE for you an entire industry. I believe that  Action and Detective should be protected national treasures and print every month regardless of anything else.

My final thoughts on this? Please DC Comics PLEASE don’t pull a Marvel and reboot, re number and then go back to the old numbering or start releasing point issues (538.1 and so on) like Marvel has done countless times. That is bullshit and angers me like the Hulk. Lastly I beg you do not cancel Action or Detective. If I promise to start buying the issues will you keep them active?


“A loyal DC Fan that hasn’t bought a comic new in 10 years, but you should still listen to me.”

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