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Today Kaylie and I got up ass early to take Jake to see a neurologist at MaryBridge Childrens Hospital in Tacoma to see why he falls down all the time. You see, my son in all his glory, seems to have a hard time standing up, walking straight and only walks on his toes. After mentioning this to all of his doctors for he past four years we finally got a referral to a specialist for it.

Let’s do a run down of the day, shall we?

We woke up to what I thought was an hour late. I get up while the wife sleeps, rush to take a shower, get dressed, get Jake dressed and frantically try and get my lazy ass wife out of bed. She gets up and takes her sweet ass time to get ready. FINALLY she tells me that we are not late but early and did not have to leave for another 15 minutes. Good start.
photo 5
From here we stopped by he coffee shop in the building Kaylie works in to get coffee and bagels for breakfast. Not to say this place always puts to much damn cream cheese on the bagels but…the put to much damn cream cheese on the bagels. Literally enough cream cheese for three if not four Bagels piled high on my one pizza bagel. Did I mention that they forgot to toast my bagel? Yeah. Awesome. Enjoy that tip. The coffee however was excellent.

I should add that Jake downed not one but TWO hot chocolates while in the store.

Next we pick up g-ma so we can take her car on the drive to neurological exploration of Jakes brain. Or ‘DNEJB’ as I came to call it. The actual drive to the DNEJB was uneventful. The highlight possibly being I finished an entire 16oz white chocolate with caramel mocha and had the rabbit shits when we got there.

Awesome Yard
Parking at MaryBridge sucks. In fact saying it sucks is an insult to things that suck. I had to drop Kaylie, Jake, and g-ma off and park illegally at a church half a mile away then walk up through the ghetto where I saw three hookers get stabbed by a cop, a clown get arrested, a full size statue of a nude winged angel and a midget pogo dancing on top of a pinto. Food for thought, only ONE of those descriptions is true. Tale your pick. It was however raining and cold.
To the left is your clue to which one of the above blatant lies true.

Finally I get to the hospital and try to locate the room my son was in, detour to the can and drop rabbit deuce then get on my way to meet up with the crew on the DENJB.

I made my way into the exam room. And proceeded to talk with the doc about how Jake falls down while Jake, in true Jake fashion, kept falling down. Was it on purpose or because he lost balance? No idea, but he failed most of the balance tests.

The real fun happened when I was walking back to get the car. Not only did I get lost trying to find the car, but I got yelled at by a crazy black lady for crossing a road…at a cross walk. I trod to get a picture of her, but she vanished like a ghost.

We located the car, went to see Kaylie mom and then went to lunch. Mexican pizzas, cherry coke and now my tummy hurts (yes, tummy. It is manly to say tummy.)

On a fun side note I wrote this whole post from my phone, in the car on the way home.

now, some fun pictures.

photo 3photo 5photo

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