Credit Card waste and my Humps

So I went and saw Rent with , and and boy let me tell you there sure is an awful lot of singing in it. That’s all I have to say about that…

I got my credit card in the mail the other day and I spent $188.88 at Fred Myer on it buying three Johnny Cash albums (@Folsom Prison, @San Quinton and I Walk The line) as well as a Vsmile Pocket an Aladdin game for it and three Game Cube games. The Vsmile Pocket and game as well as the Game Cube games are for JT for Christmas (What’s Christmas? I think it’s an archaic pronunciation of X-Mas, just like how people used to say ‘ask’ and now w say ‘ax’) anyway the point of this run on sentence paragraph is that I got the Visa card to start building credit, but when I got home I just transferred $188.88 from my savings to the credit card and paid it off negating it for actually counting. Go me!

I want to go on record and say that ‘Humps’ or whatever its called by the Negro Eyed Penis is one of the worst songs in existence, and if you like it you are saying you like Nazis and killing Jews, you fucking fascist. I say this because some old guy, well middle aged, jut walked buy with his cizzle phone open and it was playing on his phone, as a ring tone I would suspect, but he refused to answer but rather just walked and looked at it and laughed like a dumb redneck (think of Goofy) I already have to listen to pretty shitty music all night as it is, asshole.

I’m so fucking tired tonight, but this is becoming normal for me and I don’t much like it. I really want a 9-5 or something with a day shift, I’m really getting tired of this graveyard thing. Oh well, fuck me with a pogo stick. Let us just say that I’m looking forward to going home and going to bed just a little bit more then a homeless person looks forward to hand outs and free liquor.

So I have amazing news for you! Ready for it! Ready? Here it is. Not only did I get scheduled to work 9pm to 5am on New Years Eve I also got scheduled 4:30pm-1am Christmas Day! So no Christmas Dinner for me! Or New Years Party either! Yay!

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