computers….OF DOOM!

so, ive been running some maintenance on my computers since i havnt done that in awhile.
ran my error checking through boot up, defraged it and ran several lovely programs i have that search for bad shit on this, my entertainment pc.

been doing the same on my art computer, did it all on the C drive, and then started it on the D: drive.
started the error checking through boot up.
i started it thursday night at 10pm.
it is now saturday morning at 4:16am and it is only at 53% of stage 5 of 5.
it’s only an 80 gig HDD, so it SHOULD be done. more reason why i think something is wrong with that comp.

what also sucks is i havnt been able to get any strips done since all the programs, and my tablet, are on that comp.
oh i could install them on this one, but i really dont want to.
if i only had my laptop right now, i could just do it on that.
~dog faced boy

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