Computer Science school work

Someone once said “Those who can’t take the first step will always fall.”


So my parents and I went to Wall-Mart the other night to get some stuff and to look at a TV. While walking the isle’s they start talking about my future, beyond OC and the bowling alley. They want to send me to UW to get a 4 year degree in Computer Science. I really like the idea of transferring to UW, a lot really. I just don’t know if I want to go for a Computer Science degree. Though I was thinking it would be cool to Major in Computer Science and Minor in Fine Art or Graphic Design or something like that. Then I would have a fall back degree of Computer Science to get a decent job with if I couldn’t make a living with art. A degree like that would probably be beneficial in getting jobs doing art as well since it would have a Minor in art and the Major would make me look smarter then I really am.

If this comes to be true it will be a complete lifestyle change for me. One that I think I would welcome with open arms. Not that I dislike my life now, honestly I haven’t felt as content with my life as I have in the last month and a half in a really long time. I enjoy working and interacting with people. I really missed it. Don’t get me wrong I loved working on my own with my sister, I still do. It just got repetitive and mundane a little day to day with no interaction with the outside world. I don’t feel as sheltered and alone as I used to. Well, let me rephrase that, I don’t feel as sheltered. I still feel very much alone, but that’s a different subject that we will just ignore for right now. If I am going to transfer over to there I am defiantly going to have to bring my GPA up.


Look at the King all dressed in red
Iko Iko all day
I bet you five dollars he’ll kill you dead
~Neil GaimanAmerican Gods

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