TH3 Ani-3!

Today is the day! My wife thinks we are going to Silver City Brewery for dinner tonight. I told her I had reservations. In reality I made reservations over at The Melting Pot of Seattle. She has been wanting to go there for awhile so I made it happen!

She even thinks I’m at work today! (or at least she will until she reads this). I took the day off to finish this and do all the prep work for tonight to make this a special anniversary.

Any moment now she should be calling me because a dozen multi-colored roses in a pretty vase with a hand written poem by your truly should be arriving at her work.

Hopefully she isn’t mad at me for lying to her about being at work, it’s for a good reason! I LOVE YOU!

This took me FIVE hours to put together. And the text effects are slow and choppy because this is set at 2 frames per second to make it easier to import all the images. I’m still learning this flash thing, so bear with me!

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