no comic con for you!

Unfortunately I won’t be at comic con, and this saddens me. I will however be at my house.

I am posting a strip tomorrow and Sunday to make up for lack of Comic-Con goodness.

I am attempting to attend PAX this year, where I can hopefully make you some wonderful geeky video game comics and force Wil Wheaton to be my friend and appear in y2cl. If he doesn’t, I swear I will jsut put him in the strip anyway.

Strip 320 – No Comic Con for you
Characters: JN, Kaylie
Setting: JN’s house
Panel 1: JN talking to the camera, Kaylie in BG
JN: So I know I promised you special Comic-Con updates…
JN: I even had a strip planned with Wil Wheaton!
Panel 2: Kaylie sitting on JN’s lap
JN: The wife and I where going to put together all the Comic-Con 2008 fun into live action comics strips!
Panel 3: JN looking scared Kaylie threating to punch him
JN: Then Wednesday night came and the wife put down the hammer on my comic loving ass.
Panel 4: Kaylie in the foreground showing cleavage, JN in the BG looking stern
JN: But to make up it here is a show down my wives shirt. Boobies make it all better!
Kaylie: Cleavage!
‘Sorry folks, no Comic-Con for me and y2cl…I do have special Saturday and Sunday strips for this weekend ready to go to make up for the lack of awesome-ness that would have been Comic-Con strips with Wil Wheaton.’
‘And for the records, Wil never agreed to anything, I was just going to ambush him and force him to like me.’

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