Robots Vs My Children

So on Saturday I was saying on twitter that I didn’t have anything done for this week and that someone should give me an idea. (for the record I have tons of ideas, just wanted to see what some readers wanted to see). Well, Eric White (the guy who did that flattening for y2cl#434 – Chomp) said he wanted to see ‘Robots -vs- Babies’.

Well this is not quite that, but it gave me a chance to post some neat artwork of my kids from Halloween! Yeah I know, I’m a dork, but I’m awesome like that.

Also, last night I was a guest of the TGT Web-Comics podcast. It was a shit ton of fun and if you haven’t to a TGT podcast, you REALLY should! They asked me some tough questions, but I gave them some tough answers.

I’ll write up a full blog post about it tomorrow, but for now head over to The TGT page for the interview and take a listen, a read, a whatever and let me know how I did!

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