Kaylie Turns 22 And It’s Valentines Day

Everyone please join me in wishing my wife a very happy 22nd birthday!

Today’s strip is what I gave her for her birthday/Valentines Day. I know it’s not a comic, there’s nothing funny in it but you all should know I celebrate certain personal holidays every hear with an illustration. It’s the y2cl way and it happens very year! So let’s all just go ‘awwww that’s cute!’, leave a comment telling me how sweet I am for drawing this for my wife, let us say ‘whoa! That y2cl can actually draw?’ to which I say ‘only if I want to’ and let’s wait until Tuesday for the funny to return. Why not Monday for the funny? Monday is another personal holiday I celebrate and it’s also a Cameo contest where 42 comics cameo in ONE y2cl comic!

See you on the other side of tomorrow!

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