This comic was originally posted on February 3rd 2003, the day Jeremy passed away. I have moved it to a February 16th posting (as this was his birthday) so it will correspond to all the other JMK comics that are in the archive.

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4 thoughts on “JMK

  • Kristeen Kingsbury

    This is Jerimy's wife Kristeen, and you have spelled his name wrong. This is a little upsetting to me… I get the tribute, but it is very offsetting… even to have only discovered it now, in 2011. Hope you meant well by it…

    • jhorsley3 Post author

      I'm very sorry his name is spelled wrong, I will correct it in all the other ones beyond this one (as this one was drawn onto it). I drew this the day I found out and I was pretty broken up about it and wasn't paying to much attention when I wrote his name and it just sort of 'stuck' throughout the years.

      Jerimy has always meant a lot to me, growing up he was like my brother. Him and I went through so much together that I really regret how we fell apart when he moved down there. I have always felt like I did not make enough of an effort to keep in tough with him.

      I do these every year because I think about him every day of my life. He meant more to me than I'm sure he ever knew.

      I will continue to create these every year, even if I stop doing the comics.

  • Kristeen Kingsbury

    I wish I could have known you while he and I were married, he really needed a friend like you so many times. And SO much changed for him when he left, it isn't anybody's fault. I think you're right about him not knowing how much he meant to you, I think the same thing everyday so I know how you feel. But he's lucky to have you, even in death, because your love for him continues in spite of his absence. You're a great friend to him, and I really thank you for that.