TH3 Ani 4

Four  years with my wife now. Really? That sounds like so long but it feels like it’s only been a short amount of time. I suppose that is a good thing. That way I know I have many many more years of awesomeness with her. She is the reason I do what I do everyday. I love you Kaylie!

There are a few images today, so use the numbers to see them all!

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3 thoughts on “TH3 Ani 4

    • Gugo

      >dauntingly difficult for me to wrap my male brain arunod [is] how exactly I’m related to various members of my own extended family<Me too. Immediate family, ok. Aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews… same mental difficulty as learning to speak a new language. (Bubba is an uncle, meaning he's, uh, my father's brother, no, he's my mother's brother. His son is my, uh, um, nephew, no, cousin – who is my nephew? – hell, I give up.) No use explaining it to me; my brain is dead, forget it. And when it comes to "first removed," "second removed," REALLY forget it. Easier to explain differential calculus to a 10-year-old.To say it once more, (average) men and (average) women really ARE different.But how much of this difference in ability/interest regarding family relations is sex-based and how much culture-based? America (even the "new south") is very nuclear-family centered. Plus, Appalachian low-English climbers like me were encouraged not to know extended relatives: they might hit you up for money, bum off you, or rob you.