Comic Con 2006 Part Duex: Attack of the Weiners 2

So being back home sucks balls. I was enjoying myself being carefree down in San Diego and now I come back home to 16 hour work days and my best friend dating my ex. As well as my most recent ex and that whole situation. It’s all just stressful. Anyway, back to comic-con stuff.

My buddy Sean Youtsey (pictured int he gallery above) picked us up from the air port, which was super nice of him.

Anyway, he wasn’t exactly thinking when he came to pick us up and showed up in a black Mazda hatchback to pick up me, my sister and her fiancé Mike. Each of us had a suitcase and a carry on. We played Tetris to get it all into his car but somehow made it all fit, amazing and surprisingly.

Sean is a really cool guy and so is his girlfriend Laci. We walked around the con together and hung out while I was there, it was pretty rad. We went to some dive bar to watch Laci play in her band (she plays drums), that was pretty cool. Sadly we had to leave in the middle of the show because we where meeting up with Sean’s brother Ryan at the movie theater to see ‘Clerks II’. Let me just say holy shit that was funny. I am hoping to see it again tonight after I get home, if I’m not to tired that is. Sean and Laci took me to this place called “Mikes Taco Café” which is on 5th ave in the gaslight district if you ever want to go there, for lunch one of the days. I got this 1 pound burrito for $7.09 and it was fucking great. One of the best tasting burritos ive ever had. I ended up buying that meal for Sean and Laci to show gratitude for him picking us up at the airport. Sean is a very humble guy, which I think is pretty awesome thing to find especially from someone from California. Haha.

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