Comic Con 2006 Episode 1: The Nerdom Begins 2

So here I am sitting at the San Diego airport waiting for our plane to arrive to take us on the magical journey that is the plane ride back to the Emerald City. The odd thing is I can’t honestly say I’m looking forward to coming home. I know when I get home I have two jobs I dislike waiting for me as well as my best friend who is now dating one of my ex-girlfriends. Not just any ex-girlfriend, but THE ex-girlfriend. The one I dated for 2 and a half years, yeah that one. Not sure how that’s going to go over but we shall see.

Yes I know that her and I have been broken up for 5 years now and whatever, but I still hold some sort of attachment to her. I know I know, even I find it weird, but it’s how I feel and I can’t help it. I’m not sitting here saying I want to get back with her or anything because I honestly do not want to. What I do know is that I don’t think my best friends should not be dating my ex’s, you just don’t do that. But whatever, as I have said before people are going to do whatever it is that they want to do regardless of what other people say or feel and that’s exactly how he thinks. Good for him, I hope it works out, doesn’t mean I have to like it. I do wish them both the best since he is a good friend of mine.

It feels a little weird to be sitting here where I am writing this, on a plane flying from San Diego up to Oakland for our hopefully short layover to which we will then continue upwards and onwards to Seattle. I say a little weird because I have never been one of those types that sit on a plane messing with their laptops getting all that work they could have gotten done if they weren’t to busy fucking their secretaries or snorting that last line of coke off that dead hooker last night at that of so important party they went to. On a plane I tend to just listen to my ipod and pass out. Exciting I know. I figured since I had the laptop here, why not open it up and start writing up on an entry now rather then wait until I get home? Might as well as collect my thoughts here where I have nothing else to do.

Well I think that wraps it up for today. I will post ‘Comic Con 2006: Part Duex’ tomorrow with even more pictures and some previews of the sneak peaks of movie shit I saw that you didn’t. peace out bitches. Call me.


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