John and Kaylie painting
Nine years ago today I was standing at the alter of the pointy church on Sheridan road in Bremerton Washington. A church that has since closed it’s doors. I like to think that after a pair of awesome people such as my wife and me for married there, nothing else […]

Nine years ago today…

Check this shit out! I made freakin’ video! I know I know, the quality of the video is CRAP. BUT it was still fun to throw together with transitions and little title screens and shit. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s3WRjW2Org[/youtube] For extra fun, turn on annotations for some extra little insights as well as […]

y2cl video cast #1

Here is a super special Merry Christmas wish to all of you! I also would like to share a few things with you all. First is a scan of what I gave my wife for Christmas! The second…Well the second I’m going to go write up for the main Skitish.net […]

Merry Christmas everyone!